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Jesus was a Jew

“Marcia, Jesus was a Jew; he came for the Jewish people. He came for you.” Those words were spoken to my mother by my friend’s mother when I was nine years old, and while they made a distinct impression on me, it wasn’t until sixteen years later that I considered them in a personal way….

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When Faith and Fashion Collide

I was raised in a Jewish, Bible-believing home. Both of my Jewish parents instilled something in me since childhood: the message of Jesus as messiah. Being Messianic is as much a part of my legacy as my Jewish heritage.

They called me scarface

They Called Me Scarface

I was born into a middle class, Jewish American family, which would have made me a “princess” except that my father was a florist, not a doctor. We celebrated almost all the traditional Jewish holidays in a superficial way. While I was taught there was a God, I never really knew him.

When I was eight years old I was bitten on my face by a German Shepherd. This changed my life forever. We had just moved to a new neighborhood when the accident took place. There had been no chance for me to make friends.

It took one hundred stitches to close the wound. When I returned to school my classmates gave me a new name. They called me “Scarface”. From then until I turned twenty-seven I allowed that name to mold me and make me what I was.

Child of the Jesus Movement Title

Child of the “Jesus Movement”

My parents, who are originally from Detroit, Michigan, found the Messiah through the “Jesus Movement” in the early seventy’s. When I was around twelve, we began going to a Messianic congregation to learn more about our Jewish roots. About a year later, I carried on an old family tradition by having a bar mitzvah. My Haftorah portion was Isaiah 1:18, “though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” It was only years later that the true meaning of these words changed my life.

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