Yes, I prayed to receive Jesus.

God knows your heart better than anyone. If you truly believe what you just prayed to God, then the Bible says you are now saved. Mazel tov! We are excited with you about the new journey of faith you’ve begun.


What Proof Do You Have That Jesus Was the Messiah?

It is important to begin by saying that for one who has already made up his or her mind that Jesus is not the Messiah, no amount of evidence will be convincing. But for those who are honest in asking, the evidence speaks for itself.

Did Jesus Ever Really Exist?

Did Jesus ever really exist?

There are many who make the statement that Jesus is a fictional character and that all accounts of His life and work are all made up! Well, here is some historical data about Jesus. What do you think?

They called me scarface

They Called Me Scarface

I was born into a middle class, Jewish American family, which would have made me a “princess” except that my father was a florist, not a doctor. We celebrated almost all the traditional Jewish holidays in a superficial way. While I was taught there was a God, I never really knew him.

When I was eight years old I was bitten on my face by a German Shepherd. This changed my life forever. We had just moved to a new neighborhood when the accident took place. There had been no chance for me to make friends.

It took one hundred stitches to close the wound. When I returned to school my classmates gave me a new name. They called me “Scarface”. From then until I turned twenty-seven I allowed that name to mold me and make me what I was.

How to Get Saved

How to Get Saved

1. The Bible says: “The LORD looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who understand, who seek God. They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt; [There is] none who does good, No, not one” (Psalm 14:2-3). “For all have sinned and fall short of…

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